Our Services

We offer a full range of services a as a part of our business consultancy and advisory vertical. Our services are spread right from assessing and auditing to training and implementing standard organization requirements and industry best practices, including setting of budgets and timelines for milestones, and providing Certification services for all kinds of projects and practices, globally. Our management consultants, technical advisors and auditors are experts in their field of trade and industry, and this helps us deliver our services with a high level of problem-solving and risk management advisory, specific to your organization. We help appraise organizations to the various standards listed below, with constant focus on the ever-changing trends and needs of global volatile markets.

What is ISO?

ISO is a non-governmental organization that determines specifications for products, services and systems for quality and efficiency. Standards set forth by this organization are valuable to international trade as they have strict requirements that goods must meet. Their ultimate goal is to improve industrial welfare worldwide increasing the levels of safety and security for all.

It takes dedication and research to create a well-rounded standard. Experts in a particular subject area gather together to discuss ways of further improvement. At the end of these discussions, a voting process brings the organization to a consensus.

Why are ISO certifications important?

Obtained from third parties, ISO certifications act as a company’s proof that they abide by the standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization. They instill confidence in clients and other stakeholders that a company conducts itself efficiently and to a high standard. ISO certifications also prove a company’s commitment to important business objectives such as customer satisfaction and production. Some public and private sector entities even request that a company has ISO certification before conducting any business with them. There are four common types of ISO certifications: